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Summer is a great time of year, especially in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina! The Balloon Festival is just days away, and the kids are looking forward to having fun and cooling off at South Park. But before you start packing for your trip or slathering on the sunscreen, spend a few minutes making sure that you and your kids have a summer that is free of dental problems. Fortunately, that isn’t very hard to do.

Our dentists, Dr. Kristen Langworthy has some tips to make sure your smile doesn’t just survive the summer, but also thrives. As school lets out, this is a great time to get the kids, and the rest of the family in for cleanings and exams. It’s a good idea to see the dentist every six months, and if you plan your dental appointments for the start and end of the school year, it is an easy way to remember when it is time to visit us at Langworthy Family Dentistry. Summer is usually an active time, and if members of your family are going to be involved in sports. Which could be anything from baseball to kayaking to gymnastics, you should think about getting a mouth guard to protect your teeth. Teach your kids about how to be safe at the playground, the water park and the pool to avoid slips and falls that could result in an emergency trip to the dentist. Yo may also want to call our office at 919-762-3239 to brush up on your dental first aid and to see what you should put in your dental first-aid kit, if you don’t have one already. Even though summer is supposed to be relaxing, everyone knows that it can be a hectic time of the year. No matter how busy your schedule gets. Always take time out to brush your teeth twice a day, and floss once day. If you are planning a family vacation, be sure to have your dentist’s business card with you so you can call if you need an emergency referral while you are on the road. And don’t forget to pack plenty of tooth-friendly snacks like apple slices and celery.

No summer is complete without fun treats, and there is nothing wrong with an ice cream cone, popsicle or soft drink now and then. However remember that everyone in your family needs to enjoy them in moderation and to follow them up with plenty of water. Sports drinks are best left for after the game or practice, and energy drinks are best left on the shelf. No matter the time of the year, the best drink for your smile is water.

If you run into a dental problem this summer, or if you just want to have a cleaning and checkup before all the fun begins, by all means, give us a call to plan your visit. In the meantime, have a fun and safe summer!