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Are you ready to establish an oral health care checklist to give yourself the smile you’ve always wanted? Do you often feel that you’re putting your smile at too many unnecessary risks and wish to minimize the damage that has occurred or will occur in the future? Luckily, there are several options at your disposal to enhance your smile and provide yourself optimum oral health both now and decades to come.

A serious risk that often develops with individuals is due to a failure in their oral hygiene routine thought if you fail to routinely clean out your mouth on a daily basis, you can leave harmful debris and bacteria in your mouth that can collect into plaque buildup and put your smile at further risks of dental damage. To make sure that you’re battling against any debris in your mouth, brush and floss every single day. Typically, you should be brushing twice a day with a nonabrasive toothbrush and flossing every day with a shred-resistant flosser. If you need easier to operate tools, consider using electric toothbrushes or water flossers. In addition to traditional cleaning tools, consider the benefits that mouthwash and sugarless chewing gum can provide for your cleaning care after eating.

Beyond caring for your mouth, you should also remember the following tips:

–Never snacks between meals, as they can increase the rate of tooth decay.

–Eat nutritious meals in a balanced diet that are free of substances that can lead to further oral health risks, including sugars that can contribute to dental erosion and hard products that can chip and crack teeth.

–Schedule regular visits to your dentist and professional cleaning every 6 months.

–Avoid tooth hazards such as drugs and tobacco.

–Don’t forget to brush your tongue with a reliable toothbrush or a tongue scraper, as it can contain bacteria.

–Stay hydrated and avoid risks associated with dry mouth.

Do you still have lingering questions about oral health care treatments? Dr. Kristen Langworthy and Dr. Jessica McConnell and our team at our dental office in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, are always here to help you take the steps to building a healthier you. You are welcome to call Langworthy Family Dentistry at 919-762-3239 to book an appointment with us to discuss your options for optimum oral health care.