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Protect yourself with regular oral cancer screenings. Every year, over 40,00 Americans will find themselves diagnosed with oral cancer, so make sure to get yourself checked out regularly with oral cancer screenings. Early detection is often vital with this disease, so always look for these common signs and symptoms of the disease:

– Check your mouth for visible ailments such as abnormal lumps and bumps.
– Look for lesions or sores that seem irregular.
– Take note of any tasks that seem difficult, such as breathing, speaking, chewing, or eating.
– Check for signs of sore throats that are persistent or recurring.
– Be mindful of any numbness or loss of feeling that may occur.
– Keep track of how long sores and lesions take to heal, as well as how much bleeding occurs in your face, mouth, jaw, and head areas.
– Have you noticed any extreme fluctuations in your weight, specifically dramatic weight loss?
– Always note the location and position of your teeth, and track any change that may occur.

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